Creating the Trends

Trend{ING} was born when two S.A. designers, Penina and Lexi, teamed up and went searching for a stage to display their lifestyle creations. Known for our sophisticated and elevated sense of layered interiors, Lex and Pen opened a space for those passionate about decor and design and a place for the community to shop our signature collections.

Offering a cutting edge range of hip, stylish home furnishing, fashion, baby, accessories and GIFTING – creating settings for events and occasions where TRENDS begin.

We believe in making the most of life's simple pleasures…. Moments of uncomplicated happiness is what inspires us, and it is with these in mind that we curate collections that are built to last and become an intimate part of our everyday lives.

We can’t express enough how much Tender Loving Care goes into every item we create, and we hope you'll enjoy your treasures as much as we do. To memories that will last a lifetime 🥂

Thanks for Popping in… lovely meeting you.

Love Lex and Pen 🖤